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Avoiding License Suspension in Illinois – Watch Out for Summer Driving Hazards

Published on June 22nd, 2021

Avoiding License Suspension in Illinois

Bicyclists and Motorcyclists

As summer heats up, certain driving hazards become more common on the roads. Hydroplaning, flooding, animals crossing roadways, and speeding (often because lack of snow and ice makes people feel more confident behind the wheel) are all things drivers in Illinois should be aware of when the weather starts to warm up.

Motorcyclists and bicyclists are more active during the summer months, as well, and can pose a risk to themselves and others on the road.

Bicycle riders are difficult to see at night, make faster turns than cars and trucks, riders are often minors, and they can pop out of alleyways unexpectedly. Also, bicyclists don’t always follow the rules of the road.

Motorcyclists, while their vehicles are loud and easier to spot than bicycles, can still increase the risk of accidents for other motorists. Motorcycles move faster than bicycles, don’t have a designated lane in which to drive, and drive on highways. Also, just like bicyclists, motorcycle riders may disobey the rules of the road out of convenience, such as by cutting between cars.

Can Your License Be Suspended or Revoked After An Accident with A Bicycle or Motorcycle?

License suspension, or license revocation, is a serious consequence of reckless driving or multiple moving violations. If you get into a collision with a motorcyclist or bicyclist, bodily harm is unfortunately common, which means the chances of losing your driving privileges become much more likely.

Avoiding an accident is the best way to prevent harm from coming to you or another individual, as well as protect your driving rights. In order to be safe on the roads, always drive the speed limit, be vigilant at night, slow down or avoid driving in harsh weather, check your blindspots, and always watch and listen for motorcycles and bicycles. You never know when caution will save your life, or the life of someone else.

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