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A Driver’s License Reinstatement Attorney in Illinois

Published on October 6th, 2021

The Dangers of “Self-Driving” Vehicles

Autonomous technology has brought us into the future and allowed for the creation and distribution of self-driving vehicles. While these machines are stellar in their ability to operate on their own, a human driver is still required to be behind the wheel of these vehicles should something go wrong.

Self-driving vehicles offer a number of supposed perks, some of them based on convenience and luxury, others based entirely on safety benefits for both drivers and pedestrians. Self-driving motor vehicles also promise to provide substantial benefits to elderly and disabled drivers.

While accident statistics show that the majority of car accidents are due to driver error, self-driving cars come with their own set of safety concerns. The ability drivers have to properly monitor and control self-driving cars when something goes wrong has been called into question. With a sense of false security inevitably being sowed in self-driving vehicles, the human driver may fail to override autonomous technology when necessary due to distractions, sleep deprivation, or other factors.

When a human being is in total control of a vehicle, their complete and undivided attention is required to get where they need to be. This means they will be far more likely to notice when someone steps out in front of their vehicle, a deer runs out into the road, or the car in front of them slams on the brakes.

Also, even if a driver is paying close attention to their surroundings while operating a self-driving vehicle, if the safety features on that vehicle fail or do not operate properly, the driver must be able and prepared to immediately take control of the vehicle. This implies a driver may actually require advanced crash avoidance skills and cognitive abilities in order to identify safety hazards and prevent collisions while operating an autonomous vehicle. However, without frequent practice obtained from being responsible for driving decisions, these abilities theoretically cannot be honed.

A License Reinstatement Lawyer in Illinois

Whether you are driving a regular vehicle or a self-driving one, you can still have your driver’s license suspended or revoked by committing traffic violations, driving under the influence, and failing to obey the rules of the road.

If you are looking for a drivers license reinstatement attorney in Illinois, look no further than Johnson & Goldrich, P.C. Our knowledgeable team has a notable success rate and is here to help you regain your driving privileges as quickly as possible. Contact us today when you visit our website or when you call (312)-795-1801.

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