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SR-22 Insurance

All individuals receiving court supervision for a mandatory insurance offense under authority Section 3-707 of the Illinois Vehicle Code are required by law to file proof of financial responsibility insurance (SR-22 certificate) with the Office of the Secretary of State. Individuals receiving three or more convictions for mandatory insurance violations also are required to file.

If you have recently requested an Illinois Drivers License Reinstatement Hearing, there are several things you will need to know before you are able to get back on the road. Due to your recent driving offenses, you should expect a significant change in your car insurance coverage.

How Do I Obtain Insurance?

If you have been convicted of a serious driving offense in Illinois, you are classified as an at-risk-driver. After your Illinois Drivers License Reinstatement Hearing, you will need to purchase insurance. Immediately after you secure car insurance, your insurer will file an SR-22 form on your behalf to the government which indicates that you carry the required car insurance coverage for your state for your classification. The process to get SR-22 insurance is very similar to the normal process for purchasing car insurance. If you have an existing policy you may be able to add your SR-22 to your policy through your insurance company. If your car insurance had been canceled due to your recent driving offense, then you must indicate that you require the SR-22 insurance on your application form.

What Can I expect with SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22 is very similar to standard car insurance, however, it will be much more expensive. Depending on the insurer, you may pay up to 50-80% more than typical car insurance as you have been classified as an at-risk driver. Even if you are not a car owner, you will be required to file an SR-22 for non-owner status. This is slightly less expensive than typical SR-22 but can be costly.

How Long Will I Have SR-22 Insurance?

In Illinois, SR-22 insurance is required for three continuous years. If you do not renew your policy on time, then your license and registration will immediately be suspended and you will begin the driver’s license reinstatement process, including requesting a new Illinois Drivers License Reinstatement Hearing. After you have passed the required three years, you may cancel your SR-22 and secure regular car insurance.

If you move out of the state of Illinois you are able to waive your responsibility of filing an SR-22 in the state of Illinois by filing an affidavit, however, it is extremely likely that you will need to purchase SR-22 insurance in the new state.

Is There an Alternative to securing SR-22 Insurance?

There are very few alternatives to SR-22 insurance as the state has flagged you as an at-risk driver, therefore, the alternatives are rare and costly. A deposit can be submitted in lieu of filing an SR-22, however, the deposit is $70,000 in cash. Alternatively, you could deposit a surety or real estate bond.

For more information visit the Secretary of State site.

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