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Driver’s License Reinstatement

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Revoked License Procedure

If you are convicted of a DUI, your license will be revoked. Period. There is no way around that, and a hearing will be required to have your driving privileges reinstated.

If your license has been revoked, it means that you have lost your driving privileges indefinitely. There is not any sort of automatic reinstatement after your license has been revoked. In order for license reinstatement in Illinois to take place, you’ll need to become “eligible” as well as appear at either a Formal or Informal Hearing

Formal vs. Informal Hearings

Informal Hearings are typically required for someone who has one or more DUI arrests, but only one loss of driving privileges. There is no need to schedule an Informal Hearing as walk-ins are the norm and there is no fee for the hearing.

Formal Hearings are for someone who has at least one conviction for DUI and multiple losses of driving privileges.

At either type of hearing, you have the burden of proving that you have successfully addressed your past use and/or misuse of alcohol and/or drugs. This is done by presenting required documentation and answering numerous questions. Having a lawyer that understands the process, can assess whether the documentation is adequate, works well with your treatment provider and/or evaluator and can properly prepare

Why You Should Rely On Our Team

As you can imagine, the rules that the Secretary of State has can be complicated, and this means that your chances of getting denied are high without proper representation. It is important to prove to the Secretary of State that you are not a risk to public safety. If you have been arrested for multiple DUIs, this can be difficult to prove. At Johnson & Goldrich, PC, our team has the experience you need to help get you out of this difficult situation.

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