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Avoid A DUI – License Reinstatement in Chicago, IL

Published on April 15th, 2022

How to Avoid A DUI & Driving Under the Influence

When someone is behind the wheel, they have a responsibility to themselves and other drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, etc. to follow the rules of the road. Drunk driving is not only incredibly dangerous, it is also illegal. Even if a drunk driver does not get into an accident, they can still be pulled over, which will result in a DUI charge.

Enjoying a few drinks is not against the law, but is vital to avoid operating a vehicle while you are under the influence. This is the best way to avoid getting in an accident, hurting yourself or others, and receiving a DUI charge that will affect your life on multiple levels and eliminate your driving privileges.

Below you will find a list of ways to avoid a DUI, or worse, an accident.

  • Rely on Public Transit
  • Relying on public transportation, such as buses and trains, is a great way to avoid drinking and driving, and therefore avoid a DUI conviction.

  • Designate A Driver/li>
    If you and your friends are going to be drinking, choosing someone trustworthy and reliable to be the designated driver of the evening can help keep everyone safe.

  • Use A Rideshare Service
  • Calling a cab, Uber, or a Lyft allows people to get almost anywhere safely and in a timely manner. Passengers are also able to share their ride and location with other people, so friends and family can be aware of their location.

  • Spend the Night
  • If you know the host of the location where you will be drinking, e.g. if you are heading to someone’s home for a party or small get-together, then you can ensure your safety by planning on spending the night instead of trying to drive home after having a few drinks.

  • Wait Several Hours Before Driving
  • There are myths that state you can sober up by taking a shower, drinking coffee, or chugging water. The truth is that the only way a person can sober up and be capable of safely operating a vehicle after drinking is by allowing enough time to pass for the body to process the alcohol.

    The human body can process about one drink per hour. After drinking, waiting a few hours before driving can give your body enough time to eliminate the alcohol from your system so your blood alcohol level is below the legal limit.

  • Do Not Drink on an Empty Stomach
  • When you drink and do not have food in your stomach, it causes a rapid spike in your blood alcohol level. Drinking when dehydrated can also cause alcohol to hit you harder and quicker, therefore, even one beer can leave anyone unfit to drive if they haven’t eaten, or are dehydrated.

  • Give Your Car Keys to Someone You Trust
  • If you cannot trust yourself to avoid driving after having a few drinks, then entrust your car keys to someone you know and who will keep them safe until you are completely sober (usually it is best to tell your friend they should keep your keys until the following day, since they can’t determine exactly how you are feeling).

  • Phone A Friend

If you find yourself in a position where you cannot safely drive home in a reasonable amount of time after drinking, you can call a good friend or family member to pick you up. The next day, you can return to pick up your own vehicle.

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