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Let’s Ask: Can I Lose my License After an Accident

Published on May 1st, 2022

Driver’s License Reinstatement Attorneys at Johnson & Goldrich, P.C.

Accidents That Lead to License Suspension & Revocation in Illinois

Car accidents can result in increased insurance rates, the need for mechanical repairs, hospital bills, and other damages and losses. However, license suspension or revocation does not usually occur as a result of traffic violations, although there are some exceptions.

One example is when a traffic ticket is issued after an accident which resulted in personal injury to another party. Even if an individual is only convicted of a minor moving violation, accidents that lead to personal injuries may result in license suspension, and those which result in death will always result in license revocation. The Illinois Secretary of State will issue the notice of revocation or suspension if several factors are present:

  • The accident was at least 50% your fault
  • You did not have insurance at the time of the accident
  • Property damage occurred that was over $500, personal injury occurred, or death

Additionally, the use of an electronic device, such as a cell phone, at the time of the accident will be considered. In these cases, your license may be suspended for a year and you may be fined $1,000 if the following occurred:

  • Use of the electronic device caused the accident
  • Personal injury of another party occurred
  • Use of the electronic device did not fall under an exception (i.e. you were reporting an emergency, first responder responding to an emergency, using the device in hands-free mode, using the device while the vehicle was in park or neutral, using two-way/citizen band radio service, or you were using the device while parked on the side of the road)

How Long Will Your License Be Revoked or Suspended

A driver’s license suspension can last anywhere between 3 to 12 months, but a driver’s license revocation will result in your license being revoked for at least 1 year. With a license revocation, you will be required to undergo an administrative hearing before the Secretary of State to regain your driving privileges.

The Secretary of State considers various factors when determining whether to impose a license suspension or revocation. Below is a list of the various factors the Secretary of State will consider:

  • The most serious conviction resulting from the accident
  • Past driving record (including serious violations, previous suspensions, or revocations)
  • Number of injuries incurred from the accident
  • Whether or not the driver was operating a vehicle under the influence

Accidents that result in a fatality will automatically result in revocation of an Illinois driver’s license.

Contact The Driver’s License Reinstatement Attorneys at Johnson & Goldrich, P.C.

Individuals who face license suspension or revocation require expert legal assistance to earn full reinstatement of their driving privileges. The team at Johnson & Goldrich, P.C. are trained and experienced in representing clients in such cases.

Traffic violations that result after accidents which led to injuries or death are complicated, serious matters. This is why you need the legal advice and assistance of attorneys who know the ins and outs of license reinstatement.

If you are searching for an attorney who can help you earn back your driver’s license, contact Johnson & Goldrich, P.C. today. When you need help getting back on the road, our suspension and revoked license lawyers in Illinois are here to offer expert legal representation. Call us today at (312) 795-1801.

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