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How Will DUIs Be Affected By No Cash Bail In Illinois 2023

Published on September 28th, 2023

As of September 18th, 2023, a significant change is on the horizon for Illinois’ bash bail system. This transformation comes as a result of the recent ruling by the state’s court, marking the end of cash bail in the Land of Lincoln. The decision, effective 60 days after the court’s ruling, will usher in a new era of legal proceedings for various crimes, including DUIs.

Our professionals with Johnson & Goldrich, P.C., will explore the impact of the no cash bail law on DUI cases, examine the fines associated with DUI offenses in Illinois, and clarify which crimes fall under this new legislation.

Fines & DUI Bail Cost in Illinois

One of the critical aspects to consider regarding DUI cases is the associated fines. In Illinois, the fines for DUI offenses can vary based on the number of offenses and specific circumstances.

Generally, the fines can range from $500 to $2,500 for a first-time DUI offense. However, for subsequent DUI offenses, the fines can escalate significantly, reaching up to $25,000. These fines serve as a deterrent to prevent individuals from driving under the influence and emphasize the seriousness of such offenses.

No Cash Bail Coverage

The new no-cash bail law in Illinois affects various crimes, altering the landscape of the legal system. It’s important to understand which crimes are covered by this legislation and which ones are not. While the law eliminates cash bail for many offenses, including certain non-violent crimes, it’s crucial to note that some serious crimes remain unaffected by this change.

Crimes such as first and second-degree murder, predatory criminal sexual assault, robbery, burglary, residential burglary, aggravated arson, arson, kidnapping, aggravated battery resulting in great bodily harm, and others involving the use or threat of physical force or violence are still subject to detention hearings.

However, for those facing DUI charges, it’s essential to know that DUI offenses generally fall under the category of crimes affected by the no cash bail law. This means that individuals arrested for DUI after September 18th, 2023, may not be able to access cash to gain release before their trial.

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