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Non-Resident / Out-of-State Petitioner Hearing Applications

If your license has been revoked by the Illinois Secretary of State and you are not a resident of Illinois, you can still apply for driving relief. There are two ways to do this. You can either use an Out of State Hearing Application or appear in person at a Formal or Informal Hearing.

All of the forms that will be required for your Out of State Hearing Application can be found online. Unfortunately, these forms are quite confusing and any mistake can lead to a denial of your application.

Anyone who is out of state and intends to stay out of state can apply for driving relief through an Out of State Hearing Application. However, in our opinion, that is not always the best way to apply for driving relief. Out of State Hearing Applications lack “personality”. Petitioners should be given the chance to show the Secretary of State how much they have changed since getting in trouble and there is no better way to do that than to have an actual “in person” hearing.

However, if you don’t want to do an “in person” hearing, you are eligible to use the Out of State Hearing Application. You can obtain the Out of State Hearing Application here.

While the form appears to be rather straight forward, it is very confusing and we have found that petitioners who use this form, without the help of a seasoned professional, will most likely be denied. This is where our experience can help you out.

Remember that you cannot have any type of hearing, including an Out of State Hearing, if you have a ticket pending in any court in the United States.

License Reinstatement in Illinois for an out-of-state hearing can be confusing, please call us today and we can help you navigate this process.

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