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Driver’s License Reinstatement

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Non-Traditional Support & Recovery Programs

If your license is revoked and you are classified as a Level III Dependent, also known as an alcoholic or addict, you will be required to show that you have an adequate support system to ensure your continued sobriety in order to reinstate your license in Chicago

What Are My Options?

Many people utilize organized support programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Rational Recovery, Women for Sobriety, Secular Organizations for Sobriety, and many more. Other people may opt out of those traditional support programs and will use what the Secretary of State calls a non-traditional support program.

How Do These Programs Differ from Traditional Programs?

Oftentimes, 12-step programs are rooted in spirituality and religious fundamentals. Some people simply don’t buy into that type of program. Others find that the traditional programs are too structured, are intimidating or simply don’t work for them for a myriad of reasons. Non-traditional support groups typically consist of support from friends and family. 

When substance-dependent individuals finally get sober, they often find that their friends and family are willing to do whatever it takes to help keep them sober. These same people are usually part of the initial effort to clean up this person’s life and get them on the road to sobriety. Through the hearing process, the petitioner will need to show that they have a support system in place and be able to specifically describe who is in the system and how each individual and the group as a whole helps them stay sober.

How Does This Affect My Case?

While the Secretary of State understands and believes in traditional support systems, they are also willing to consider non-traditional support systems. They understand that programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous aren’t right for everyone. In the case that you opt for a non-traditional support program, you will be required to submit at least 3 letters from members of your group that explain the nature of your relationship, how often you see one another and, how they help you stay sober. Forms for this are available online and we strongly suggest that you use these forms rather than having people testify or write lengthy letters that most likely will not meet the requirements of the Secretary of State.

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