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Restricted Driving Permit ( RDP )

Your Restricted Driving Permit in IL

At Johnson & Goldrich, P.C, our driver’s license reinstatement lawyers in Illinois represent clients whose licenses have been suspended or revoked. In order to be granted driving privileges following a suspension or revocation, a driver must request a hearing with the Illinois Secretary of State. Those who are eligible for full reinstatement may be granted a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP) before, or in place of, full reinstatement.
The Illinois Secretary of State will usually assign an RDP before considering a driver for full reinstatement under three conditions.

  • The driver is not eligible for full reinstatement at all.
  • The driver is eligible for full reinstatement but has been convicted of a DUI two or more times, therefore prohibiting them from obtaining full reinstatement until after driving with an RDP and a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) for five years.
  • The driver’s license was revoked for a DUI, and the Secretary of State determines the driver should drive with an RDP before filing for full reinstatement as a form of probation.

Knowing how to get a restricted driver’s license in Illinois can be difficult without help from a qualified license reinstatement attorney. Whether or not a driver is eligible for reinstatement at the time they apply for an RDP, they must prove they will not pose a public safety risk if granted restricted driving privileges.

If a driver is not eligible for reinstatement at the time they apply for an RDP, in addition to proving they will not pose a public safety risk, they will also be required to provide proof of hardship. Examples of hardship may include the driver being at risk of termination from their place of employment following loss of driving privileges, or personal responsibility for children which requires them to maintain driving privileges.

Generally, a driver must drive with an RDP for nine months, or 75% of the permit’s duration, before reapplying for driver’s license reinstatement. The permit can be canceled following convictions of traffic violations, driving beyond the scope of the permit, or any BAIID violations.

If ineligible for a restricted driving permit in Illinois for employment, school, support meetings, or medical needs, a driver may be eligible for a BAIID Required Permit. A BAIID Required Permit provides strictly limited driving privileges, including five days a week driving time for only eight hours each day, and a driving radius of 200 miles from the driver’s home.

In many cases (but not all), those who have had their licenses revoked for DUI offenses will be required to drive with a BAIID device in order to be granted an RDP. A BAIID device prevents the driver from starting the vehicle in which the device is installed, before passing an alcohol breath test.

Your License Reinstatement Attorney in Illinois

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