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Will a First-Time DUI Charge Result in Jail Time?

Published on October 22nd, 2020

Drinking and driving is an extremely serious offense, but whether or not you go to jail is dependent on many factors. In Illinois, drivers typically receive a Class A misdemeanor following a DUI charge. Class A misdemeanors carry penalties of up to 1 year in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,500 in addition to mandatory court assessments. 

Court supervision or probation may also be considered, and jail time is only imposed if you are convicted of the offense. 

Regardless of your specific situation, turn to our DUI reinstatement lawyers in Illinois for assistance during this difficult time. 

What Happens After Your First DUI?

You can either plead guilty to your DUI charge or you may be found guilty after your court trial. If you are not found guilty, you still may be sentenced to court supervision. Know that under Illinois law, court supervision is not the same thing as being convicted. 

Also, if you comply with the conditions of your court supervision, your DUI will not show up on your public record. 

When is Jail an Option?

Aggravating circumstances, such as if a child was in the car or whether or not a weapon or drugs were found, may result in jail time following a DUI. 

Jail is also an option in the case of an Aggravated DUI. These circumstances are more extreme and may include DUIs that resulted in a death or a serious personal injury. Aggravated DUIs may also include drivers who are caught operating a vehicle without a valid license or insurance policy. 

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