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DUI Risk Classifications

Getting the Secretary of State’s Office to reinstate your license in Chicago is no easy task, making it essential that anyone trying to regain their driving privileges, especially after a DUI, should seek professional legal help.

Risk Classifications

There are three primary DUI risk classifications, with two having sub-classifications.

Level I

This level typically applies to individuals having only one DUI arrest and requires the completion of a 10-hour driver risk education (DRE) course.

Level II – Moderate or Significant Risk

If you refused the breath test or took it and registered between .15 and .19 you are classified as Level II, moderate risk, even with only one DUI arrest. You must complete the DRE course as well as at least 12 hours of early intervention and alcohol counseling.

Regardless of the number of DUI arrests, anyone who registers .20 or higher on the breath or blood test must be classified at least Level II, significant risk.

In addition, the second loss of driving privileges because of a Driving Under the Influence will cause you to be classified as Level II, Significant Risk. These rules apply regardless of the time of the first arrest or the time between arrests.

Those classified Level II, significant risk must complete the 10 hour DRE (aka Risk Education) course, undergo at least 20 hours of alcohol treatment, and, in most cases, participate in all activities in the continuing care plan (Aftercare).

Level III – Dependent or Non-dependent

Individuals that are classified Level III, can be either dependent (alcoholic) or non-dependent (alcohol abuse) and will be required to complete at least 75 hours of treatment or obtain a waiver of such treatment if certain requirements have been met. Dependent individuals will need to prove participation in some type of support system and at least 12 months of abstinence. Non-dependent individuals will need to demonstrate 12 months of abstinence or non-problematic use.

Legal Assistance

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