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Self-Help Support / Recovery Programs

If you have recently had your license revoked due to a DUI and are seeking Illinois driver license reinstatement, then you are aware that attending alcohol and drug support groups is a vital step in the process. A Self-Help Support / Recovery Program is an organized program that helps you stay sober by attending group meetings and participating in the program. Many people initially achieve sobriety through daily attendance at meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous. Most of these people will eventually reduce the number of meetings that they attend and establish a frequency of attendance that works with their employment, family responsibilities and helps them maintain continued sobriety.

Do I have to go to an Organized Program, such as AA?

Alcohol and drug addiction is a very serious disease that, when treated can have dramatic positive effects on all aspects of your life. Programs such as AA can help people find the peace in their life that they lost when they were drinking or using. The Secretary of State recognizes how and why AA or similar programs work. If you are truly working the program, you will know the Steps and have an understanding of how the program helps you stay sober. This makes it easy to show the Secretary of State that you are committed to your sobriety and the program.

How Self-Help Support / Recovery Programs Work

Meetings often involve sharing challenges, stories or goals that members have met in their recovery. The intention is to feel a comradery with a group and to support each other on the path to recovery. While the group can help you talk through some challenges you are facing, it is still your responsibility to practice what you discuss in your support group to remain sober.

Options For Self-Help Support and Recovery Programs

Typically self-help support groups are composed of people in every stage of recovery. This allows those who have been in the recovery program longer to offer support, encouragement, and advice to those who are new to the program. You are also able to find groups where you can be individually paired with an older member of the group so you develop a one-on-one mentorship and an accountability partner.

What Impact Will This Have on My Illinois Driver License Reinstatement

While attending an alcohol and drug recovery program may be a requirement of your Illinois driver license reinstatement, attending a self-help support/recovery program will have long term impacts on your life. By remaining sober, the chances decrease of another suspension of your license.

Meetings can be held anywhere. Often times they will be in community centers, churches, or rec centers. There are two general types of meetings, open and closed. In an open meeting, any family members or friends who wish to support you are able to join. If you are intimidated by the thought of other people that you know being in the room during your meeting, you may opt for a closed meeting. Only those who have a desire to be sober and admit their addiction are allowed in a closed meeting.

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