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Driver’s License Reinstatement

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Types of Hearings


  • Informal Hearings are required for petitioners who have been suspended or revoked for a single loss or driving privileges stemming from a DUI or an offense related to a lesser moving violation that does not involve a fatality.

  • Informal Hearings may be held at select Drivers Services facilities, and petitions may be made for a Restricted Driving Permit or Full Reinstatement of your driving privileges, depending on the type of suspension or revocation.

  • Formal Hearings are required for anyone who does not qualify for an Informal Hearing. Formal Hearings are typically for people with multiple DUI arrests and / or more serious offenses than those handled through Informal Hearings.

  • Regardless of the type of hearing you are required to have, you have the right to an attorney and Johnson & Goldrich will ensure you successfully make it through the entire process.


Johnson & Goldrich represent Petitioners at Formal and Informal Secretary Of State Hearings throughout the entire State of Illinois. We provide legal representation and experience at Formal Hearings in Chicago, Springfield, Joliet, Mt. Vernon. Additionally, we appear at dozens of other Informal Hearing locations. We also represent non-Illinois residents in applications for Out-Of-State driving relief and or clearance.

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