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Driver’s License Reinstatement

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Should I have a Lawyer?

If you can put a value on having driving privileges, the answer is absolutely. But, you shouldn’t hire just any old lawyer. An experienced driver’s license reinstatement lawyer in Illinois will make a huge difference in your case. You’ve probably heard the old adage that you shouldn’t hire a plumber to do electrical work. The same goes here. DO NOT hire a lawyer that doesn’t handle Secretary of State Hearings on a regular basis. We are located at 17 N State Street, in the same building as the Secretary of State. We are in the Secretary of State offices every day and have appeared at more than 15,000 hearings. We are the right lawyers for Secretary of State hearing representation.

That said, hiring a driver’s license reinstatement lawyer in Illinois that truly knows what he is doing will have its costs. But, in the long run, these costs are offset by the savings that you will realize and the value of getting your driving privileges back as soon as possible. We hear about other lawyers who charge per hearing. Our advice, do not hire those lawyers. When you lose a hearing with them, they win because they will be able to charge you again. We charge a flat fee. No matter how many hearings are required, as long as you follow our advice, do not get more tickets and do not have BAIID problems we will not charge you anything above what we originally quote you.

Put the Odds Back in Your Favor

When you have a formal hearing for driver’s license reinstatement, you’re going to be questioned by a professional lawyer and a hearing officer. As the Petitioner, you will have the burden of proof. This means that it is up to you to demonstrate to the Secretary of State that you have resolved your alcohol problem and are no longer a threat to the public safety. If you are by yourself, you will be walking into the hearing blind. At a formal hearing, you could be asked as many as 200 questions. Without the right lawyer, you will not know what to expect or how to answer those questions.

In addition to correctly answering questions asked by the Secretary of State’s lawyer and hearing officer, you will be required to submit very specific documentation prepared by your evaluator and treatment provider. As your lawyer, will review all of these documents and work with your evaluator and treatment provider to ensure that you are presenting correctly prepared documents that the Secretary of State will accept and approve.

With the right driver’s license reinstatement lawyer in Illinois, the Secretary of State will know that you have done your research and are taking your case seriously. Johnson & Goldrich will be with you every step of the way.

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