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Which Support Program is Best for You?

Anyone that is classified as an alcoholic or addict will be required to demonstrate to the Secretary of State that they have a support system in place to ensure their ongoing sobriety before they can successfully get license reinstatement in Illinois. The Secretary of State uses the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) to determine whether someone is an alcoholic or addict Anyone with that classification will be required to participate in a support system. The question is … Which support program is best for you?

Not every program is right for every person. The Secretary of State recognizes this and allows for a number of different programs.

Traditional Programs

You’ve probably heard of Alcoholics Anonymous or AA. This organized support group is considered a traditional recovery program. Other traditional recovery programs include Rational Recovery, Narcotics Anonymous, Secular Organizations for Sobriety, and Women for Sobriety. Traditional programs such as these are typically very structured with steps that you must follow. Often, the programs incorporate spirituality and religion, which may not be for everyone.

Non-Traditional Programs

Traditional programs are sometimes too structured for some people. Work schedules, family needs, the lack of driving privileges all come into play when someone is trying to find the program that fits best for them. For those people that simply cannot or do not want to use a Traditional Program, a non-traditional program could be a viable option. Non-traditional programs often consist of friends and family. Since your friends and family probably helped you get sober in the first place, it makes sense that these same people could continue to help you in your ongoing efforts to remain sober.

Church-based programs are also an option. But simply going to church is not enough. A church-based program will require that fellow parishioners are aware of your alcoholism or addiction and are somehow supportive of your ongoing sobriety. Small groups, outside of regular church services, with a focus on sobriety or other personal problems, can prove to be very helpful.

If you chose to use a non-traditional program, you will be required to show that the program has been in place for at least a year, be able to explain how each member contributes and show how the system works as a whole.

Choosing the Right Program

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing your recovery program, so long as there’s an organized system and plan in place to support your ongoing sobriety. To accomplish license reinstatement in Illinois, if you are an alcoholic or addict, the need for a support system cannot be overlooked. The Law Office of Johnson & Goldrich is here to help you prepare proof of your support system at a Secretary of State Hearing.

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