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FAQ – Non-Illinois Driver’s License Reinstatement Hearings

Published on May 13th, 2024

If you don’t live in Illinois and had your driver’s license revoked here, then you might be wondering how you can get it back. Repeatedly traveling back and forth between your home state and Illinois to figure out what to do can be exhausting. 

Our attorneys at Johnson & Goldrich, P.C. are here to answer some of the key questions that can save you a trip or two as you try to get your license back.

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Q: Where are The Illinois Secretary of State Hearings For Driver’s License Reinstatements Held?

A: Illinois’ reinstatement hearings for residents and nonresidents are available in formal and nonformal formats. Depending on the circumstances of your license revocation, you can request a formal, in-person hearing in four locations across the state: Chicago, Mt. Vernon, Springfield, and Joliet. 

Informal hearings, which are held due to less severe circumstances surrounding your revoked driver’s license, can be held in dozens of facilities across Illinois. For a complete list of informal hearing locations, please visit the Illinois Secretary of State’s website.

Q: What Information Do I Need To Submit Before A Driver’s License Reinstatement Hearing?

A: As a non-citizen of Illinois, you can obtain a state hearing packet and must provide the following information:

Your full legal name

Driver’s License Number

Social Security Information

Date Of Birth

Current mailing address

Phone & Email address

In addition to this personal information, you also need to provide the date and location of your last drug or alcohol-related arrest. If you need an in-person hearing then you’ll be required to file a formal hearing request. To do so, contact one of the four formal hearing locations listed above and pay a $50 filing fee. You must file this information promptly so you can increase your chances of reinstating your license. 

Q: Do I Qualify For An Illinois Out-of-State Hearing Packet For My Case?

A: If your case qualifies for an Illinois non-resident out-of-state petitioner hearing application, then there is a chance you will not have to travel back to Illinois to get your license reinstated. Those who live more than 30 miles away from the Illinois border will have the option of attending their formal or informal reinstatement hearing or simply sending in the state’s packet.

Similar to the timeline of a formal hearing, you should expect a response about full reinstatement about 90 days after you submit your packet. If your case does not require a formal hearing but you still qualify for an out-of-state packet, then you can speed up the decision by seeking a formal hearing with an Illinois hearing officer. 

Q: Can I reapply for driving privileges if I’ve been denied?

A: You cannot apply for a new license or restricted driving permit if your driving privileges have been denied during your informal or formal hearing. If you’ve been denied, then the only way you can get them back is through an appeal. 

Get Legal Support For Your License Reinstatement

If you’re looking for legal help to get your driving privileges reinstated, then hire a trusted Illinois attorney that can fight for your appeal. Johnson & Goldrich, P.C. has been helping Illinois and out-of-state residents get their driving privileges back for years. Contact us to schedule your free case consultation now.

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