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Illinois Out-of-State Driver’s License Reinstatement Help

Published on May 11th, 2024

Getting back your license when it’s suspended or revoked can be challenging if you don’t obtain legal help.

Compared to those with an Illinois driver’s license, those out-of-state residents who have experienced multiple traffic violations in Illinois might have a more difficult time earning back their driving privileges. This is due to the fact that a driver might have to travel long distances from their home state back to Illinois for their reinstatement hearings.

There are two types of hearings for both out of state and in state license revocations:

Informal Hearings: These types of hearings will involve suspensions or revocation due to moving violations, a single DUI, and driving offenses that do not involve a fatality. For these hearings, no appointment is necessary, which means cases can be heard on a walk-in basis. They’re also held at select Illinois driver service centers. 

Formal Hearings: These are held due to multiple DUI violations or a fatality that occurred during a traffic offense. Formal hearings must be scheduled once the offender files a formal hearing request by mail to the Illinois Secretary of State. This will also include a $50 filing fee by check.

There are only four locations across the state where a formal state hearing can take place. These include: 

  • Springfield 
  • Chicago 
  • Joliet
  • Mt. Vernon

During your formal hearing, a hearing officer will be present to take in evidence and testimonies for your petition to be reinstated. For the sake of earning your driving privileges back, it would be wise to enlist the help of a license reinstatement lawyer for this hearing.

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Can I Reinstate My License From Out Of State?

If you currently reside outside the state of Illinois and are looking to terminate your license revocation, then the answer is technically yes. It’s important to note that while most of the out-of-state requirements can be conducted from outside of Illinois, you must also petition for your revocation through an in-person hearing with the Illinois Secretary of State.

Illinois Driver’s License Reinstatement For Out-Of-State Residents

While the reinstatement process is mostly the same for in-state and out-of-state drivers, those who do not reside in Illinois must also abide by the following conditions: 

  • Mail an Out Of State Resident Reinstatement Application if the offender is looking to remove the hold on their license. 
  • Meet and complete all alcohol requirements for a DUI
  • Serve 10 years under the most recent Illinois revocation
  • File A Financial Responsibility Insurance Waiver
  • Pay driver’s license reinstatement fees in Illinois once termination of the revocation is granted

Get Your Driving Privileges Back With Johnson & Goldrich, PC

Choosing an experienced reinstatement lawyer and pursuing your hearing alone can be the difference between getting behind the wheel again or not. Whether you’ve moved out of state and are looking to obtain a license in Illinois again or get your license back after it was revoked by the state of Illinois, we have seasoned legal professionals who are ready to help you.

Contact the Illinois license reinstatement attorneys of Johnson & Goldrich, PC to schedule your free case consultation.

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